What is a boosted post and how is boosting important?

What is a boosted post and how is boosting important?

A boosted post is a post from your business Page that, for a fee, can appear higher up on your audience’s News Feeds. The fee depends on how many people you want the post to reach—the payment depends on the number of impressions the post gets with time.

Boosted posts are different from Sponsored posts. Sponsored posts function more similarly to ads, where you can choose your target demographic and invest funds into making them aware of your business. We recommend that you try promoting your posts after you have run advanced analytics on your target group, and know exactly who you’d want to reach.

How to boost a post on Facebook

First, choose the post you want boosted. You can either boost a new or a previously published post (as long as it’s been published after June 21, 2012). Begin by clicking the “Boost Post” button on the bottom right corner of the post.

Then, choose the audience you want to reach with the boosted post. You can select to boost the post to the News Feeds of people who like your Page, as well as their friends, or choose a specific audience through targeting.

You can target groups by interests, location, ages and gender.

After you’ve selected your audience, you need to manage the budget dedicated to boosting this post. The budget is determined by the amount of time you want the post to remain boosted, which, in turn, determines an estimated audience to which the boosted post will be visible.

Since you have to invest a portion of your budget into each Facebook post you boost, choose the content with the highest ROI value. Unless they are dedicated to a time-sensitive campaign, boost posts with ‘evergreen’ content—those that will help spread awareness of your brand in the long run. As a rule of thumb, a post worth boosting also satisfies the following criteria:
It helps promote a product or service offered by your business.
It encourages visits to your business’s website.
It spreads awareness of a limited-time campaign your business is running.

Another important consideration: make sure the post you choose to boost complies with Facebook’s Ad Guidelines. All boosted posts still have to be approved by Facebook before appearing higher on users’ News Feeds, so make sure it doesn’t get pulled before anyone gets to see it.

Why should my business boost Facebook posts?

Organic reach has unpredictable value, and no matter how advanced your Facebook strategy may be, there is still a chance that your posts get lost among the numerous birthday wishes and newborn congratulations so often seen on our Feeds. Boosting your Posts guarantees a degree of visibility for posts you find important.

Boosted Posts have a higher chance of being seen by people who have Liked your business’s Page. Whenever someone likes or comments on a boosted post, it can appear on their friends’ News Feeds—even those who are not following your Page—giving your business exposure to new audiences.

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