You will enjoy being part of the dedicated team, as well as work like a staff. As a Long Stay Volunteer, you undertake a series of activities outlined in keeper for a day, behind the scene, chimpanzee close up, outreach and community education programs.

The program is open to all members of the public with interest in;

  • Community/ adult education,
  • Animal keeping, rescue,
  • Rehabilitation, animal medicine etc.

As part of the program, one chimpanzee closes up opportunities are offered. Health requirements are A MUST, since there is bound to be close contact with non-human primates especially chimps.
Health Requirements/ The vaccinations/ boosters include;

  1. Hepatitis A (20 years)
  2. Hepatitis B (5 years)
  3. Measles (MMR) (10 – 15 years)
  4. Meningococcal meningitis(ACWY strains) ( 3 years)
  5. Polio (10 years)
  6. Tetanus (10 years) vaccine
  7. Rabies (2 years after completion of initial dose)

A negative TB test or X ray is also required.
The minimum period for one to participate is one week to a couple of months.

For Reservations, please contact us on;
Tel: +256 414 320 520 • Fax: +256 414 320 073
Mob: +256 706 505722